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The efforts of our existing members are invaluable. It is through your help that the IMASC is adding strength in numbers. Our goal in 2006 is to bring in 250 new Life members to the IMASC. That is an average of one new Life Member per recruiter!

Please participate in our Membership Recruitment Drive by talking with colleagues, answering their questions and encouraging them to join you in the IMASC. Each one of you probably know at least one if not more physicians of Indian Origin in Southern California who is still not a member of the IMASC.


Chance to win great prizes:
Each member you recruit gives you one entry in to a raffle to win great prizes. The details of the prizes will be announced at the monthly CME meeting. Each new Life Member also gets one entry in to the raffle to win a prize which may be equal to the Membership dues they would pay.


List of Non-member Prospects:
  1 We will provide you with a list of non-member prospects based on the location of their practices.
  2 You may use your local Yellow pages and look for potential members in the Physicians and Surgeons section.

Connect with your Colleagues:
  1 We encourage you bring the non-member prospects to our monthly CME meetings.
  2 You make them aware of the accomplishments of the IMASC.

Follow up your Progress:
  1 This is extremely important. Please follow up on the progress of the initial conversation you had with them.
  2 Remind the non-member prospects if they have completed the Membership application and sent the Membership dues along with it.

On-line Membership Application and Dues Payment:
  1 Becoming a Member is hassle free and just a few clicks away!
  2 On our IMASC website, Membership application may be completed. Additionally, the Membership dues may be paid online as well using PayPal.