IMASC History

In the late 1970’s, the first meeting of physicians of Indian Origin in Southern California was attended by about thirty physicians including Drs. Rajendra Desai (Founder President), Surinder Dang, Satinder Swaroop and Gubbi Mruthynjaya. The meetings were held at the only Indian restaurant in the area, India Curry House, Anaheim. Their desire was to be helpful to each other and network socially. They also met with their families at social occasions including Holi and Diwali. Finally, in 1979, The Indian Doctors’ Association was transformed in to the Indian Medical Association of Southern California.

IMASC has now evolved in to a well established non-profit, tax-exempt professional organization with members drawn from Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. The Organization which began as an informal gathering of a handful of physicians of Indian origin in late 1970’s to nurture and foster common professional, cultural and ethnic needs has now membership to several hundreds and this shows tremendous support from the community physicians.

IMASC has become one of today’s premier ethnic medical associations in California. This is a tribute to our leaders. IMASC has been the voice of physicians of Indian origin in the Southern California for over four decades and continues to stand up for the causes of it’s member physicians